E-services for Organisation Customers

The Population Register Centre is improving its services for public administration, business and organisation customers.  As a result of this development, e-services will be used in key authorisation and agreement processes between the Population Register Centre and its organisation customers. The e-services is now available for the customers.

You will be able to use the e-services to

  • Apply for authorisation to use the VTJkysely service or the VTJ interface for your organisation
  • Apply for authorisation to update your organisation's register with Population Information System data
  • Apply for authorisation to carry out sampling for scientific research or official activities for your organisation
  • Conclude an agreement on ordering certificate cards or place an order for a service certificate
  • Check if a decision has been made on your application or request additional information on an open application or other topics
  • Use other e-services offered to the customers

Preconditions for e-service use

  • You have to register to use the e-services
  • The e-services are intended for the Population Register Centre’s organisation customers, and they cannot be used by individual citizens
  • As part of the registration process, the users need to identify themselves by means of online banking IDs, mobile certificates or other tokens
  • Registered users can invite other users in their organisation to join the organisation's e-service account, and manage users who have access to the account